Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Photo Out of the Can

I went to Venice this year with many goals.
One of those goals was to take a lot of pictures.
In that I succeeded; in fact I took more than I know what to do with at this point.
We're still recovering from the trip and the ensuing jet lag, but I've begun downloading the images and have been faced with a tough decision:
Which one to post first?

I thought about many different themes to begin with,
but in the end I chose one of the first ones out of the camera.

This was taken on our last full day in Venice from the Vaporetto.
The front seats on Venice's water bus boats are some of the best seats anywhere - to see and absorb it all.

This was shot somewhere between the train station and Rialto.
I got a kick out of the gondolier; he just kept rowing, paying little mind to the Vaporetto.
I'm sure he knew that the ACTV boat had right-of-way, but he just kept on rowing.

In the end it timed out perfectly because the Vaporetto kept making stops.
We never actually passed the guy.
I began to wonder if he'd had it all figured out in his head...or just a really big ego.

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