Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 Vogalonga Video - Techno

video by Elisa Mohr

Somewhere along the way, the Mestrina ended up rowing by a place playing loud music.

This was off to the right before they reached Burano, possibly Sant'Erasmo.


Sean Jamieson said...

I think that's the monk Caorlina in the beginning?

Gondola Greg said...

It sure looks like their boat.
There are only so many 8-man caorline these days.
I'd say that if it's their boat, they either lent it to some people who like to wear bike shorts...or drastically changed their dress code.

Sean Jamieson said...

Yes, they row plain clothes and then add monk attire for the finish.

Gondola Greg said...

I suppose I would too.
...and I suppose I would also wear a t-shirt and bike shorts underneath the cloak.