Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy Americans - Zane Video

photo and video by Nereo Zane

While Dawn Reinard was snapping away photos of Tim and me, Nereo took a few photos and then shot a video of the departure.

Here's one of the photos:
The GSVVM's hoistman Gino came out of his shack and gave us some pointers.
I think it was along the lines of:
"If you guys are gonna be THAT stupid, well, here's the best way to do it".

Megan Sliger is standing in the foreground, while I'm hunched over the bow of the mascareta.

The adventure wasn't all that daunting, really - just a different challenge than most.
Timing the shove-off was the key.

I've tried to include the video here but it's too advanced for my low-tech capabilities.
Follow this link to the clip on Nereo's site.

If it doesn't get you there, try this:

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Bepi Venexiano said...

He was actually giving me last minute directions to Ft. Maghera