Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tripod Off the Tail

When you wrap thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment to the tail of your gondola with a couple of bungee cords, It CAN make you nervous, but you get some cool photos.
Here are a handfull of the images I got today.
All were taken using a hendheld remote trigger.
Heading under the Newport Blvd. Bridge.

Turning left at the "Y".

Near the north end of Newport Island.

A smile for the camera.


Anonymous said...

Hello Greg,

- Is that an electric gondola coming through under the bridge? (in the second picture)

- There is a tall something in the third picture, maybe an exotic tree, but it's so regual shaped, maybe just a lamp-post?

- The third canal is really packed, like a venetian canal! Do people paint their parinas there?

Thanks: Tamas Feher from Hungary

djchuang said...

Love to see creative ways of doing things-- woulda love to see what kind of contraption you put together for the tripod and camera and all.

btw, great to see you this mornin' at rh

Gondola Greg said...

Tamas - the vessel under the bridge in the second photo is Joe Munday's gondola, the "Crystal Swan". I've posted photos of her in the past. Some day I'll likely do a whole post on her. She's a very interesting boat. She's actually one of the only motorized gondolas with a gas engine, and while that might not appeal to the purist, Joe loves that boat. He's now in his early 70's and happily "semi-retired". Understand that as a gondola fanatic, it would be impossible for him to retire completely. More on the man and the boat at a later date.
The tall object you are seeing in the third photo is really two palm trees, one in front of the other.
Oh, and no, unfortunately nobody paints the poles here in Newport, but it sure would look cool if they did.

DJ - great to see you here on the blog! The manner in which I mounted the camera on tripod was not in any way attractive, but it yielded some good photos.
The last time I did this was at night, and with the camera set for longer exposures, I got some neat images. Check out my post from December 31st entitled "Messin' Around on New Year's Eve".
Stay tuned for more unusual digital capture - I'll be throwing up some fun "Strap-Cam" video soon.

Thanks for reading,