Sunday, July 26, 2009

Strap-Cam "Goes Rowing"

In the last two days, I've conducted an experiment in which I attached the "Strap-Cam" to my remo and went rowing. It may be the very first time anyone has ever done such a thing.

Here's video of the first-ever recording in my field experiment.

Kinda makes you dizzy doesn't it?
I must admit that when I came home and put this one up on the screen, my kids and I laughed our heads off watching it.
My younger daughter asked me how I made the gondola swing back and forth like that.

The remo at the center of our study is my "Bavarian Special", which I painted many years ago. Back then I had nothing better to do but cut little pieces of masking tape in unusual shapes and fit them together - kind of like a waving flag I saw once at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Next, I tried rowing and singing.
Because the Strap-Cam is waterproof, the microphone isn't the best, but it did pick up some audio. Without a doubt, it does a magnificent job picking up any audio caused by bumping, scraping, grinding and such.

During my investigation, I came upon an unexpected side-effect:

The Strap-Cam influences it's user.
I felt the need to do something more interesting with it.

So I took it out again tonight, and while I was waiting for my passengers, I conducted an immersion test.
Next thing I know I'm talking to it, saying things like "Strap-Cam takes a bath", and splashing around.
Folks on the dock were beginning to wonder who I was talking to.

I began to worry that I was falling under the spell of the Strap-Cam.

In the end I lost all control.
I've hesited to post this last clip, as it is totally out of control.
But in the interest of science, I think it's necessary to share it.

Dont bother calling the authorities, I'll check myself into the asylum.
But I'm bringin' the Strap-Cam with me!

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Your Loving Wife said...

You are freakin' WEIRD, dude!

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