Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Well my friends, the three-week odyssey is coming to a close. It's been wonderful, it's been challenging, it's been exciting, and in the end, a great experience, leaving me exhausted and ready to go home. I had a wonderful time seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and while my knowledge of Venice has increased, I'm also well aware that there's so much more to learn.

Many thanks to the friends in La Serenissima who showed great hospitality and were patient with my broken Italian. As I tuck in for the night in a hotel at the airport in Milan, my family and I have more baggage than an African safari and we look forward to a long and uneventful flight and a return to all the familiar things we love about Southern California. I miss my bed, my coffee maker, my jacuzzi, and my gondolas. My kids miss their friends. My wife misses shower doors, window screens, Sprite Zero, and the weather that makes California such a paradise to live in.

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