Monday, June 1, 2009

Early Missive from the Morning After

I awoke this morning to church bells ringing and the echoed voices of locals as they passed by below our window.
I slept well; better than I have in some time.
Will I recover quickly from yesterday's odyssey? Only time and cappucino will tell.
My feet and hands ache, but not as much as they do after Valentine's Day.
My back, on the other hand, is really not fond of me right now - a pain that I welcome, as it is a reminder of the adventure and will be stronger than before in a few days.
The jury's still not in regarding yesterday's Vogalonga, but as I talk to people, they all shake their heads and pontificate on how crazy, dangerous, and difficult it was.
I prefer to use the word "snotty".
A schooner sailor once used that term in describing to me what it had been like to sail from San Diego to San Francisco.
One segment in particular, is perfectly horrible and has inspired many a sailor to consider finding another line of work.
That area, he said, was "snotty".
Yesterday was "snotty".
I'll go into more detail in another post.
I'm also duty-bound to pick up a copy of Il Gazzetino as I'm curious to read what they have to say about it.
For now, I'll drink another cappucino, eat well, pack for the next chapter of our journey, and try to tell you more soon.
My access, as you may have noticed, is spotty, so please check back but be patient.
Photos will come as soon as they are available.
In an ironic twist, for the last few days, each morning began with wind, and everyone in their own way was praying for a calm day for Vogalonga.
We all wanted a nice, sunny day with maybe a hint of a breeze.
No such luck.
Today however, is pristine; clear skies and no wind to speak of.
(insert your favorite angry exclamation here)
Ciao for now,
Gondola Greg

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