Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick Report

As I publish this post, the church bells in Dorsoduro are ringing in the 9pm chimes.
In late May, Venice still enjoys a bit of daylight at this hour, and as my family and I sit in a restaurant in Campo Santa Margherita, all the typical aspects of Venetian life surround us.
Anyone who knows me - understands that I never want to leave.
We have been here for only three days, but have managed to cram about ten days worth into it.
Tomorrow we leave for a week but will return to spend three more days before heading home.
Vogalonga "happened" today.
I'd planned on writing that it "took place", but the truth is that it " all of us in different ways".
The weather, the sea, and so many other factors came together to create a Vogalonga that has been described by many as the harshest and most challenging ever.
If you were here - you know.
If you weren't, well, you can sit back and laugh, or wish you'd been here to experience it firsthand.
Either way, in the weeks to come, I hope to share bits and pieces of the adventure with you all.
While most participants did not see things unfold the way they'd expected, everyone still had an amazing time.
For now, as is probably the case for most of the folks who were on the lagoon today, I must sleep.
With any luck, by the time I wake, I won't feel like the boat is still moving back and forth beneath me.

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