Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Training Trio

This morning My daughter Cassandra and I drove to Sunset Gondola and took a row with Tim on the sandolo.
Our departure for Europe and Vogalonga is so close that we're already half-packed.

I've been gradually training Cassandra to row, taking her out for instruction and refresher sessions.
My goal isn't to get her on a boat for Vogalonga.
This is about preparing her for her first time rowing on the Venetian lagoon; a father-daughter excursion on another day.

The three of us took turns, switching each other out, enjoying the sunshine and perfect breezes that are so prevalent here along the coast.

Tim added a few very helpful tips, and Cassandra benefited even more from having two instructors on board.

About two-thirds into the row, Tim set up the boat to row with crossed remi in the valesana style. Cassandra had heard about it but had never seen it done; she was fascinated.

The training (and the packing) continue.

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Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Do you really need to pack that much? It's so dry here in Central Europe, this year may be the worst for agriculture in a decade or so. Already 30 degrees Celsius hot, something you don't expect until July, normally. The weather has gone crazy in recent years.

Maybe it will change in a week, but Venezia is typically humid and hot, so I guess fur coats, military boots and business suits are of little use there. Gandhi style may be better.