Friday, May 8, 2009

Training with my Daughters

photos by Isabella Mohr

Yes, you read that right, my youngest daughter Isabella took these photos.
Some would say that I'm crazy for putting an expensive camera in the hands of an eight-year-old.
Some would be right.
But the verdict on me and crazy came in a long time ago.
Isabella fired off a truck-load of photos during our row this morning, and most were pretty good.
Here are a few.Cassandra and I spent another training session on the water, this time in Newport.

It was her first time rowing prua on a gondola.
She could use a few extra inches in height and reach, but all around I was pleased with her performance.
Today's focus was not popping out of the forcola, and in that respect, she did a terrific job.

Isabella had fun with the camera, I pretended not to be worried about it, and all went well.

Once she got bored with the camera, Bella settled into an area just in front of me and drew, using a trastolini board as a desk.


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

That earlier post about squero Tramontin's half-sized gondola just crossed my mind. It's a pity she could not be purchased at the time, would be a nice vessel for your daughters and one they could probably row for themselves.

Gondola Greg said...

Hi Tamas.
Yes, I often think about the possibility of a half-sized gondola for my kids to row.
The problem with the boat is that you can't really take passengers for hire, so owning and maintaining the boat costs more.
But it is such a cool boat.