Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Training Day in Huntington Harbour

With the Vogalonga fast approaching, those of us who are going, have been training up in preparation for the "long row".
Erin and Andrew have been out on the water several times on Sunset Gondola's brightly colored sandolo.
Today Tim and I took a spin in the little boat.

It was a perfect day for such an excursion.
I tried out a new camera mount for the bow of the boat.
I'm happy to say that it did succeed in preventing the camera from going in the water, but the lens was too long so the forward rower ended up being photographed from the neck down - not such a bad idea with me in front, but the perfectionist in me wants a better shot.

Today's row was only a fraction of the distance we'll travel in the Vogalonga, but it was a nice installment.
One more step towards making our experience in Venice the best it can be.

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