Monday, May 11, 2009

Squero dei Rossi

photo by Nereo Zane
While exploring the Giudecca a few years back, Nereo and I stumbled upon one squero - a big productive one - and were not treated with much hospitality. Sure, they weren't expecting us. We didn't have an appointment, and we weren't there to buy a boat, but it wasn't memorable in a positive way.

They didn't chase us off with a shotgun.
it was more of a "move along, nothing to see here" treatment.

We wandered a bit further and found Squero dei Rossi.
They also were not expecting us, but their attitude and demeanor was polarly opposite.
We talked a bit and realized we knew some of the same people, they gave us a great tour, answered lots of questions, and I even had a fun conversation with the head guy Roberto about power tools.

I had heard great things about the dei Rossi folks from Angelino in Oakland, and was not disappointed. I quickly realized why he had said so many good things about Roberto and the squero.

I hope this post doesn't inspire a bunch of people to go hunt down Squero dei Rossi and try to get a free tour, because they do have work to do, but if you're looking to work with a good group of craftsmen, these guys are legit.

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