Friday, May 15, 2009

Fundraising night at the Auld Dubliner

Last night a group of us got together at the Auld Dubliner in Tustin.
Eric Johnson and Dave Copley have a bunch of these pubs, and they're held in high regard by gondoliers in the region.
True to form, EJ and Dave let us come in, set up a table, hold a silent auction and a raffle.

From left to right - Andrew McHardy, Dave Copley, Eric Johnson, unknown patron.

The star of the show was, without a doubt, Erin Grissom - who single-handedly made the raffle portion a success. Tim, Andrew and I essentially "got out of her way" for most of the night.

Erin and Andrew with raffle tickets.

Big thanks to EJ and Dave for their support and hospitality.
Tim and Andrew - it was great to see you and raise a glass together.
And Erin - you rock!


Christine Sidney said...

Of course Erin Rocks she's my daughter!! Way to go guys and congratulations for making some money for the trip! I wish I could go along! Have a fun safe trip and take good care of Erin for her momma. Christine

grigory-never-get-there said...

Erin does rock. Well done! And hopefully this helps her make her way to one of those farms after the vogalonga.

Christine Sidney said...

Latest update on Erin & Andrew's goings on! Wow I am jealous!!
I will be in venice untill sunday 6-6-09, then a big adventure- here is a little back ground: The place we are staying belongs to a man named Paulo Beli, it is called Squero del Elefante. a squero is like an indoor workshop for boats. This man Paulo, who Andrew met many years ago is very wealthy. he was/is very sucessfull with Murano glass making and other things as well as married to a Dukessa with her own fortune. He has this squero one for working on his boats but also as an 'eating and drinking club' for he and his friends. Basically it is a big place for him to entertain, and that is where he has been generous enough to let us live while we are in Venice. We have spent a lot of time with Paulo (i think i told you about how on the day of the vogalonga we took two boats out with him and his wife, her two nephews and their wives and their 6 kids) For fun Paulo is a recreational sailor and he and his wife Adi are going to Turkey to get one of their boats to sail around the Aegean Sea for 10 days. they do this a few times a year but this is specifically to celebrate their 25th aniversary. They had 2 guys that were supposed to sail with them becuase they are sailing over night one night and better two guys they hire switch off as look out than them. WELL, these two guys are brothers and their grandmother just fell very ill so they had to cancel, SO, Paulo asked A ndrew and i if we would come instead :) so to answer your question- i will be in Venice untill 1pm this Sunday, then i am being flown to Turkey to get on a sailboat and sail the Aegean Sea for the next 9 days HAHAHAHAHAH what the fuck right? Im not sure the city we will fly into yet but from what i understood of the conversation last night, we will get the boat with Paulo and Adi and sail to the island Rhodes becuase that is where Paulo sent the wine we will be drinking :) and from their sail to some other island and then i think to Greece.... pretty amazing right??? ALSO tonight a very good friend of Andrews who we have also been spending a lot of time with (Roberto - a gondolier) and his friend Paulo (different Paulo) are taking us to Croacia for a shrimp dinner.... i really cant even believe the life i am living right now.... its the maximum luxury i could ever ever ever imagine. im being taken care of basically, so dont worry and i love you and wish you were here. xoxoxoxoxo