Monday, May 25, 2009

Nereo Rows in a Regata

Like a true Venetian, the Gondola Blog's favorite photographer, Nereo Zane has rediscovered rowing. For years he's taken pictures of them - now he's rowing them. The GSVVM held a regata last week for beginners and Nereo took part. He writes: "My rowing partner was a young girl (she's just twelve) but already very good in rowing. She rowed a poppa and drove the boat very well, inciting continuously, a bald tired old man to row with a good rhythm." They did well. In fact they took second place. And it wasn't a boring race: "We were lucky because other boats smashed just after the start and before the giro del paleto". Then, as they approached the finish line, things got even more exciting: "A few meters before the arrival in front of the docks we were passed by another boat (the third) due to an error of her "poppier" but got assigned the second place." I guess the quote all's well that ends well fits here. Nereo sent an overhead view of approximately where the race went.
In the top photo, you can see Nereo and his rowing mate holding flags. In Venetian rowing, racers who place are given flags rather than trophies or ribbons. The white flag is second place, first place is red, third and fourth are green and then blue. Many thanks to Nereo for the photos, the education...and the exciting play-by-play on how the race went.

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