Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2009 Vogalonga Video - Start of the Race

Video on the Gondola Blog? NO! It can't be!
That "Gondola Greg" guy is still trying to figure out how to work his cellphone.

The time has come, my friends,
to throw up some video clips from Vogalonga
(and pray that they work).

The above clip was taken by my wife Elisa, from the passenger seat of the GSVVM's quattordesona "Mestrina".
It was the 2009 Vogalonga, and this clip was taken just after the starting gun had fired.

You can hear the church bells ringing, the wind blowing, and towards the end, some rowers in another boat learning the hard way, that the bigger boats tend to "assert themselves" in traffic.


Sean Jamieson said...

It doesn't look windy? :)

grigory-never-get-there said...

Beautiful sounds - the bells ringing, the wind, the water and the oarsmen communicating.