Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding Gondola Re-launch

most photos by Cassandra Mohr
After months out of the water, receiving repairs, renovations, and a few coats of fresh paint, my beloved Wedding Gondola is back in the water.

John Kerschbaum from Minnesota arrived a few days ago to keep up the tradition of rowing with us for V-Day. As soon as he arrived, we put him to work, contributing to the Wedding Gondola painting project like only another gondola owner can.

This afternoon, when the paint was dry enough, we launched her and rowed back to our docks in Newport.
It was a nice windy evening, and we were treated to a good stiff gale to row against.
What a great rowing experience, not to mention the workout we got.
After we reached the dock, we pulled the masking tape off and checked the bilge for water - no problems.
Tomorrow we'll dress the gondola and she'll be ready for passengers.

Here are some of the photos from the day:

Backing her in.

John checks to see if water is leaking in.

A stacked image. Notice that the blue masking tape is still on - that's how fresh the paint was.

Handling the remo.

Local spectators.

John looking far away.

John looking REALLY far away.

Back on the water at last.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a specific reason you opted for a "minimalist" style ferro? For a fancy wedding gondola I would say the ferro should feature the three minor keys in-between, which stand for Burano, Murano and St. Giorgio di Maggiore. Those little metal ornaments add a pretty look to the ferro!