Monday, February 2, 2009

Austin Expedition

Chris Harrison and I are at it again; this Friday we'll row another one-day expedition - this time in Austin, Texas.

This will be our third in a series of one-day adventures in support of the Boy Scouts of America and sponsored by the Irving Convention and Visitor's Bureau in Irving, Texas.

Weather permitting, we'll row the length of Ladybird Lake twice, covering about ten miles.

There are many goals with these one-day rows, but the top priority is to bring the Boy Scouts to the forefront of public attention. This event takes place a day before the annual Report to State - a big event for Scouts in Texas. Scouts from all over the state travel to the state capitol of Austin, where Boy Scout delegates give a report to the state Governor, on the floor of the House of Representatives, outlining the activities of the various units.

Ladybird Lake isn't a new lake, but the name is new. Many of you may know it as Town Lake. In July of 2007 the lake was renamed in honor of Ladybird Johnson - President Lyndon Johnson's wife, and a former First Lady.

My family and I will fly to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on Tuesday, haul one of our gondolas out of Lake Carolyn (where we operate in Irving), and trailer the boat south to Austin.
We'll spend a day or two in preparation and the row takes place on the 6th.

The day after the expedition, we'll take part in a Boy Scout parade which traditionally precedes the Report to State.

And along the way I'll post a bunch of my substandard photos and opinion-laced commentary. I promise not to least not too much.

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