Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flotilla on the 15th

The day after Valentine's Day, John Kerschbaum and I took out a ten-passenger flotilla.

Rowing the Phoenix and the newly-restored Wedding Gondola, we enjoyed a cruise that was pretty much the opposite of the ones we rowed the day before. We took our time, didn't concern ourselves with whether or not we hit the dock on schedule. And while most V-Day cruises carry two people, we had full boats on this one.

As it had been on the 14th, we enjoyed perfect weather.
Here are a few photos John and I snapped while rowing.

John leaving the docks on the Wedding Gondola.

Yours truly on the Phoenix.

Passing under the 38th Street bridge.

Rowing together from my perspective.

John's view while rowing "in formation".

It was such a great day that I couldn't help but smile.

John doing some close-quarters maneuvering in the marina.

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