Sunday, February 1, 2009

STEREOVIEW - St. louis 1904 Colorized

here's another stereoview of a gondola in the Grand Basin on the grounds of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which was also known as the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you saw yesterday's post, then you recognize the dramatic dome-topped building in the background as Festival Hall. In this image, the details of that impressive structure can be better appreciated. The architect was Cass Gilbert, a noteworthy individual in his field, who's portfolio included churches, museums, downtown Manhattan structures and even a state capitol building.

The photo was obviously colorized, and while there's no doubt that the color is artificial, I still think it enhances the image.

As our last stereoview showed, there were several gondolas at the 1904 expo, but this one has me curious - I'm not certain that it's Venice-built.
The dimensions appear correct, but the tail almost resembles some of the US-built gondolas I've seen over the years.
I am inclined to believe that she's either non-Venetian, or was built by someone in Venice who's gondolas had a more slender poppa. Also, she seems to hug the water more; my guess is that she was old even for her time - which might explain why she also appears to be less crescent-shaped than the ones we see today.

I can't help but wonder where the boat ended up after the Fair.

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