Friday, February 27, 2009

Pupparin Construction at the GSVVM

photos and information by Nereo Zane

There's a new beauty being built in the GSVVM shop in Mestre.

They just launched a new orange and blue gondola, built by Cantiere Amadi in Burano. Now the GSVVM's master builder Luigino Marcuzzi, who's built most of the boats they row on, is meticulously putting together another vessel for the fleet.
This one's a puparin.
She is expected to be launch-ready by June.

Nereo Zane has a real knack for being in just the right place with his Nikon. He was at the club last Saturday and took these images.



Anonymous said...

More pictures! More pictures! We can take it; give us more.

Yeah, I can't get enough boat building pictures. Big THANKS to Nero, and you for posting them. Do you think we can get him to drag his Nikon over to GSVVM about once a week?

Sean Jamieson said...

Yes, yes. More pictures.

Gondola Greg said...

Well, well.
We seem to have stumbled upon something known as "boat porn" here.

It's all your fault Nereo.
You've got them hooked.
Please send me some more.

In the mean time folks, if you've got some photos that fit the bill, send 'em in.
Just PLEASE, don't send the other kind of porn. My kids read this.

Unknown said...

I must say there is one thing Venetians have not discovered: Building ugly boats! lol.

There is another site I stumbled across (and I twitch with envy over their canal system when I look at the dry crumbling remains of the Morris Canal nearby my house) which has some Sandolo construction pics.

I can't wait to start building my own. Another day or three of cleaning the work space and I should be ready to set up the cantiere.

Thanks to Nero for the pics. We owe you many beers!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,
many thanks for your comments about my shots. I'll try to send some fresh photos weekly (usually on Saturday) of that puparin to keep you informed how the contruction proceeds.
just another thing: thanx for the beers :-)