Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Gondola in Glendale

On Saturday, August 2rd, gondolier Matt Schenk and I brought the Phoenix up to Glendale for a TV commercial shoot.

It was challenging, exhausting, brought us way out of our normal routine, and we had a blast doing it.

Glendale, California is pretty far inland (near Pasadena), so we got some great looks from people wondering what the heck it was that was sitting on my trailer.

While I'm not able to disclose some of the details of the shoot as of yet, I did take a pair of photos that might be interesting and don't give anything away.

Here's the Phoenix before dressing.

And here she is after, with full parecio.

When I can, I'll post details about the shoot, and a link to the commercial.

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