Saturday, September 20, 2008

OKC Expedition - Dockside before the Row

photos by Elisa Mohr

In the days leading up to the expedition in Oklahoma City, the sky every day was a mixture of cloudy and rain.
Honestly, clear sunny skies were the last thing we expected.
Here are a few images taken on the morning of September 12th in OKC.

First, we got to know the scouts,

then we took some photos with the scouts and a regional scout director,

...took some more photos to help promote popcorn sales,

next we had the scouts help cast us off.

Finally, we pushed off the dock.
I love this photo:
It's got a press photographer on the dock,
news helicopter overhead,
cool cloud formations,'
the decals on the side of the gondola are visible,
and Elisa caught us just as I was pushing off the dock with one foot.

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