Thursday, September 4, 2008


Last night, a bunch of us got together for the:
not exactly annual,
not really monthly,
kinda' bi-monthly,
or maybe you could call it tri-monthly,, heck! We don't know what to call it except that it's a "pilgrimage to Captain Jack's"
and as good an excuse as any for a bunch of gondoliers to get together and tell lies...amongst the only people in the world who know better than to believe those lies, and enjoy a few frosty beverages in the process.

Once again, Sunset Gondola played host to gondola people from a number of operations in Southern California.
Here are the few photos I took that actually came out.

Joanna Herrera of Sunset Gondola chats while the sun sets and the moon reflects.

Andrew McHardy shares wisdom and opinions on grappa.

Erin, Greg, Jack and Chris enjoying the evening.

As was the case last time, I had the privilege of seeing old friends, and making a few new friends too. A table was laid out with bread, cheese, cold cuts, and Betsy Elliot brought some tasty prosciutto. Prosecco was available, and Andrew McHardy brought a bottle of really good grappa.

After we carried on for a bit at the Sunset Gondola office, everyone climbed aboard Venetian boats and rowed together towards Captain Jack's.

Dan and Christy toast the evening with prosecco as Sean Jamieson, owner of The Gondola Company in Coronado, expertly rows.

We all paused under a bridge to sing some songs.
Tim Reinard sang "Pope" (a gondolier's song)
Tyson Davis sang "Torna Surriento"
Andrew McHardy sang a song from "Harold and Maude" while playing guitar
I sang "Nessun Dorma"
and everyone sang "Santa Lucia".

I had to duck out early, but everyone ended up at Captain Jacks, raised their glasses once again, and then rowed back to the dock.

A great time was had by all.
I'd venture to guess that everyone looks forward to the next time, and we should all extend our thanks to Tim, Tyson, Joanna and Dawn for another unique and entertaining "pilgrimage to Captain Jack's".

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grigory-never-get-there said...

that was a GREAT time. people don't know what they're missing. an amazing job singing too, greg. didn't see that coming.