Friday, September 26, 2008

Il Redentore - the Bridge

photos by Bob Easton Bob Easton saw my post with the photo of the roof of Il Redentore, and e-mailed me, asking if I'd like some of his photos of the temporary bridge that is built for the feast day celebration.
My answer:
"Heck yeah!"

Here's a great shot of the sign, on display to explain the bridge. Click to enlarge - it's worth a read.
The temporary bridge covers most of the distance at about sea-level. A center section rises up to allow boat traffic to pass under.
Originally, this bridge was built each year on the tops of boats. Reportedly, some 80 galleys were used to support, what is now suspended by modern float-docks with traditional pilings. Bob shot these the Monday after the festival this year, which explains why the bridge is not very crowded and has few boats around it. Thanks for the great photos Bob,
some day I'd like to cross that bridge myself.

Til then, I'm jealous of you!

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