Thursday, September 18, 2008

Regata Storica - Ina's Report

photos by Ina Mierig

Ina Mierig is back home now in Hamburg, Germany - after a brief but exciting visit to Venice, where she witnessed the Regata Storica.

"we went there with a Sanpierota, with the owner and his wife, both don't row very often. And we had the company's photographer and Mathias. After I rowed the whole bunch to the best place, where they do the big party, we all squeezed ourselves and the boat alongside a Gondola and then we started to drink Prosecco and eat meatballs."

The view across the Grand Canal from the Sanpierota.

some of the interesting boats with rowers and spectators.

Along with thousands of others, Ina and her friends watched as the boats went by.

"It was really amazing, how good they are and how fast. We saw a lot of crashes and I assume they do it to give few boat-builders a good job. After the gondolini, which are the last race, we went for a party in a Garden overlooking the Canal Grande and so the day was perfect."

The mascareta race coming...

...and going.

The caorlina race.

Rowers celebrate and recover after the caorlina race.

Lastly, Ina writes:
"I hope you're all in good shape. Maybe we'll see you at the Vogalonga, I booked flights today."

Thanks for the report Ina.
We hope to see you at Vogalonga.

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