Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OKC Gondola Expedition

My wife Elisa and I boarded a plane yesterday in Orange County and landed in Dallas, Texas. I had a chance to look over our operation on Lake Carolyn in Irving, Texas. My Lead Gondolier, Chris Harrison has been doing well, keeping the boats up while fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He's in remission now, with chemo behind him and radiation ahead. He's looking great, has hair again, and getting closer to full-strength.

Chris and I hauled the "Rosa" - one of the gondolas in Irving, and Elisa and I are driving up to Oklahoma City this afternoon.

On Friday, Chris and I will participate in a one-day expedition on the Oklahoma River.

To learn more about the OKC expedition, go to:
it's a blog set up to serve as a media resource for the event.

Now if we can just keep Hurricane Ike to wait until Saturday before it affects things in Oklahoma.

Say a quick prayer my friends.


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