Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little Long-Lens Sniping in Newport

I was having dinner with my family tonight at the Rusty Pelican, and I just happened to have my camera with me. The family wasn't as thrilled as I was, especially when I kept standing up and shooting gondolas. at one point I ran upstairs to the bar and caught this one:

That's Gio driving the Elisa Marie with a guy paddling one of those Stand Up Paddle surfboards in the Laird Hamilton style with a little one sitting on the board.

Shot through the smoked glass of the dining room, here's one of the gondoliers from my friendly competitors at the Gondola Company of Newport.

Joe Munday was out tonight too. He had no idea I was taking photos, but he was still smiling. I love that.

Later, after dinner, I tried some long exposures on the dock. I was lucky that there were some blue neon lights reflecting off the stainless steel ferros of my two Venetian gondolas. I was also lucky to get this shot, because the other ten or fifteen were terrible!

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Anonymous said...

Great shot, Greg. Great shot