Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coffin Loading at the Soccer Stadium

Every once in a while, you see an unusual combination of things, and if you're lucky, you happen to have a camera with you.

This photo is a good example.

It's probably never going to win an award, and it's not a whiz-bang-"oh, my-gosh" image, but I would have kicked myself if I'd missed it.

There are several things that make the image unique:
1. the water taxi that has been modified to serve as a hearse
2. the presence of a priest in traditional dress
3. the coffin and men who appear to be there to move it
4. the communist graffiti - not surprising to see such things in Italy, especially next to a soccer stadium
5. the red racing gondola in the foreground (a different one from my post of June 14th, '08)

It was also shot in an area of Venice that doesn't see as much tourist foot-traffic.

I shot this in 2006 while waiting for a vaporetto at the east-most end of Venice, looking in the direction of the Lido. I was on the opposite side of the Canale di Sant' Elena from the Campo Sportivo (soccer field). The people in the shot are on the Fondamenta Sant' Elena.

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