Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's in YOUR Bag?

Get ready to add your two cents.
Here comes another forum post.

A lot of gondoliers won't step on a boat without a few necessary items.
For me, on the boat, as in life, I don't go anywhere without a flashlight, cell phone, and a knife (usually two -a standard size pocketknife and a small Swiss Army knife).
Lately, I don't leave the house without a camera and lenses too.

I have a small gym bag that goes with me any time I go out on a boat.
The items in that bag are a little more specific to the job.
We're not talking about "man purses" here.
This is a tool-kit, with the tools-of-the-trade in it.
As you might expect, I'll follow up on this post with what I keep in my bag.
tell me what's in your bag.

So here are the questions:
Do you carry a bag?
If so, what works?
If not, why not?

What items are indispensable to you?
On a gondola?
When you travel? (I just threw that one in)

Has an item in your pocket or bag ever "saved" a cruise?

So squeeze your brain, excrete your best advice, and hit me with a nicely opinionated spitball of wisdom.

And if it makes ya' happy, start it out with "Hey Greg, you're a jackass..."

I can take it.

Hit me.



Sean Jamieson said...

Bottle of wine.

Cassandra said...

Nothing, because, unfortuanetly, I don't have on yet. But when I do, it willl have the exact same things as yours!


Anonymous said...

I usually carry a Cork screw and a flash light in my back pocket as well as a cell phone on silent or vibe.
Let me guess gregs bag.
1. Cork screw
2. light
3. baby wipes
4. spare bottle of wine
5. duct tape
6. GPS
7. Bull horn
8. Forcula lube
9. camara
Am I close? Time will tell!


DG Beat said...

I apologize for the late response. I usually carry a backpack. Inside I have a radio (currently playing a Bocelli CD), flashlight, corkscrew, safety whistle (for when I get mugged on the water, seriously, something similar almost happened - except the guy wanted to fight me), lighter, two bottles of wine (one for me and the other for fellow employees who find out I have wine), and lastly a small paint brush. I carry the paint brush because at my work a certain part of the day fails to do our boats any justice when people look at them. The time is usually a couple hours after sunrise and ends usually after sunset. I use the brush to sweep the cracks clean of sand and dust. I try to do all I can to make them pretty during the day, but it's hard.