Monday, July 14, 2008

Spring Training in Minnesota

John Kerschbaum of Gondola Romantica recently sent these photos taken on the St. Croix River near Minneapolis/St. Paul. In a seasonal gondola operation, once the boats are in the water, most everybody wants to get back out there and practice up. Here's Amy Ebertz - her corporate job prevents her from rowing as much as she'd like to, but she loves to row...

...and duck!

Sleeping beauty here is Sara Mitchell. Like many gondoliers, Sara is not a morning person. Man, I can identify with that!

And here's Don Chering - the guy who took the above photos. John Kerschbaum says "Don is the first person that I taught to row. After not rowing for a few years he called and said that he missed rowing and wanted to come out and train with us. "

Looking good Don!

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