Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shot from the Day

Today was one of our busiest since February.
We had all boats out on multiple cruises.

I was on the docks early, making sure everything was squared away...and washing some bird poop off the boats that didn't have covers, of course.

A message for John Synco:
I'll meet you on the dock with a twelve gauge and some shells. You bring the refreshments.

So after spending some quality time with a hose and a scrub-brush, I caught this "calm before the storm" shot.

The guy in the shot is Joe Munday ("aka Giuseppe Lunidi and founder of the Gondola Society of America), prepping his gondola for the evening.
Behind Joe are two Venice-built gondolas, to the right is a US-built rowing gondola, the two with varnished wood decks and the one in the foreground are motorized.

They look so much better without all that bird poop!

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