Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To Cover or Not to Cover - Fresh photos from Venice

photos by Nereo ZaneMy parents are in Venice right now.
Yesterday they met up with Nereo Zane, who toured around with them a bit.

They met with Gilberto Penzo,
explored Franco Furlanetto's shop,
visited a custom chocolatier (at my mother's insistence), and spent quite a lot of time at the Accadenia Museum.

While traveling around, they had occasion to cross the Grand Canal a few times via traghetto.

Nereo took these photos while crossing at the San Toma traghetto.

Clearly, these are some of the gondolas that are covered to prevent damage from UV rays.
Notice that it's not just a one-piece cover.
There are at least five separate "covers" involved, and while they are blue - they are not all made from the same material.

A canvas triangle is draped across the poppa, with the remo strategically placed to encourage drainage rather than puddling.

Two separate canvas covers, which appear to be custom-made, protect the cavalli (brass horses) and the pusioli (wood arm-pieces) that they are mounted on.

The upholstered seat cushions and such are all stowed neatly on the bench-like divan, and at least one waterproof tarp is draped across from port to starboard. This cover is unique in that it is often made of a material that is quite rubbery. I don't think I've encountered anything like it here in the US.

Lastly, of course, is the bow cover - another triangle shaped piece of canvas.
It's quite common for gondoliers to simply pull this piece to one side during cruises, leaving it attached at the front.

After their day exploring Venice, Nereo and my folks had dinner at Ristorante da Ivo - one of the sponsors of our expedition down the Hudson River in October of '07.
Many thanks to owner Giovanni for his hospitality and grace.

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