Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Great Galleries

Nereo Zane has been shooting photos all over the Veneto.
He was there for Regata Storica - and here's a great gallery of photos from that.
Regata Storica 2013

Nereo also captured some great images of a traditional sailing regata, showing some of those painted sails that, in my opinion, haven't gotten nearly as much publicity as they should.
Regata del Presidente 2013

And then there were the interclub races of women and children, making for some terrific views into what real Venetian rowing looks like. 
These are the types of races where future champions begin rowing.
Regate circuito intersocietario (6^ tappa)

It must be great to live so close to all that rowing and boating.

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staff said...

Thank you so much for the post and the words about my photos. Just one thing to add: I'm working around a calendar with thirteen (twelwe months plus the cover) photos of "vele al terzo" those coloured sails tipical in Venice lagoon and North Adriatic Sea. Nereo