Friday, October 25, 2013

Qualifying Day

All I can say is wow.
Today I met some of the best gondoliers in the country.
At the US Gondola Nationals we had rowers from eight different companies.
Everyone brought their "A game", and we had some really great qualifying rounds.
There were plenty of surprises, including two broken oars and some rowers who showed up more than anyone thought possible.
There was singing, there was great food, the only thing that didn't happen was spontaneous baptism - although as I write this someone may be swimming back to a dock.
Over 600 photos were shot on my camera alone.
Yes, you will see many of them, but for now I must sleep, so here are a few for now.
Big races tomorrow.

A mixed group from various places, all happy and cruising to the racing spot.
Providence makes a memorable entrance.
Two boats about to shove off for their racing heat.
Very exciting racing action.
Two gondolas from two harbors.
Minnesota should be proud.
Having fun between heats.

Two more lining up for a heat.
These guys really brought it.
Tandem runs went well past dark.

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