Sunday, December 16, 2012

Raccoon Finger Painting

Like most other areas in boat maintenance, every time I pick up a paint brush, I have another opportunity to learn, to get better, to hone my craft.  And while I don't have a PHD in marine painting, I've painted my fair share of boats.

In July I got to spend some quality time with blue paint, rolling and tipping it onto the floorboards of one of my gondolas.  The new shade of blue was a nice color update, and I was quite pleased with the result, but there were a few surprises along the way.

In boat painting, as in life, you don't always know the challenges you'll face when you begin a project.

Like I said, each time I paint is another opportunity to learn...but this time I learned about something other than brush strokes and product mixing.
This time I learned about raccoons.

They're curious, and if you leave something out, no matter what it is, they'll want to check it out - maybe mess with it.
I always try to keep a brush in thinner overnight so I can use it again the next day.  This brush was neatly placed beneath the rear bumper of a vehicle in my driveway, with boxes around two sides. 
Aw, but never underestimate the curiosity of wildlife. 
It seems (and the evidence is pretty clear) that a raccoon decided to investigate my thinner cup, knocked it over, did a little painting of his own, and backed out of the place.

Raccoons - they're curious...and artistic too.

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