Thursday, December 27, 2012

Remembering the Full Moon

This evening I had the pleasure of rowing in the blustery winter conditions of a late December in Southern California. 
Sure, it was chilly and the wind presented some extra work here and there, but it was a welcome escape for me, and my passengers were more than happy to go out (especially the gentleman - he was about to propose).
Fellow gondolier, Bob Millspaugh (a.k.a. "Robino") departed a few minutes before me, and I had the opportunity to snap a few decent shots as I followed him through the canals.

Shortly before the gentleman in my gondola produced a sparkly engagement ring and asked the "big question", the full moon appeared and amazed everybody.
Here's an, umm, artistic photo I shot with my expensive camera
(with all the wrong settings).
I think it has a sort of impressionist feel, yeah, that's what I'll stick with.
Then I pulled out my iPhone and snapped this one,
which I think ended up to be much better
(because all that human error was removed from the process).
She said "yes", of course, and when we were gliding beneath that great big beacon in the sky, I told them that every time they saw the full moon, they'd be reminded of the night they got engaged on a gondola.

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