Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Arrives

Carl Sandburg famously wrote that "The fog comes on little cat feet",
and it did just that last night here in Newport, on the last day of November.
December, however, does not typically arrive with such subtlety.
I've been working on boats in Newport for twenty years now,
and I've seen the ebb and flow of activity as the months change. 
December is the craziest.
There are more yacht charters in this one month than the four months leading up to it.  More people are eating in restaurants, seeing movies, going to parties, and of course shopping.  I've come to believe that people around here crank up the volume of their lives in December.
Out on the water today I saw all sorts of signs of the twelfth month's arrival: Christmas lights, traffic on the bridge, and of course there were the charter yachts.  I think every charter yacht in the harbor was out with passengers - starting with a few in the afternoon, and by nightfall they were all out.
Mike and I had a flotilla of travel writers this afternoon, and the sunshine and ocean breeze certainly did their part to create the right setting for our passengers.

 Rowing into the sun.
My hope is that in the coming month, our phones will ring and our boats will move in stride with the up-paced month that has just kicked off so nicely on it's first day.
I hope the same for you as well, my friends.
Happy December, may your phones ring like crazy.

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