Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vogalonga 2012 - Before the Start - Part 2

photos by Tamás Fehér
Tamás captured lots of great images on the morning of the 2012 Vogalonga - giving us an idea of what Venice looks like leading up to that storied annual event. Following my previous post with a similar title a few days ago, here are some more captured moments.

A caorlina moored and waiting for her crew to climb aboard.

Up all night or just waking up?
Terribly hung-over or starting the day in prayer?

A blessing on the wall.

One boat glides past a fleet of still-sleeping gondolas.

I'm quite certain that someone will be by to pick these up soon enough.

A GSVVM caorlina comes...

...and goes.

Activity picks up on the Canalazzo.

Some rowers take their uniforms more seriously than others.

One guy has all the oars.

Gondola for two under the Rialto.

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