Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tornado in Venezia - the Day After

As expected, in the wake of the tornado that hit parts of the Venetian lagoon, we are seeing some dramatic photos and video clips.
The sight of a large funnel-cloud touching down anywhere is unsettling.
Seeing a tornado in a place so dear to me as Venice is painful.

At the end of the day, no lives were lost, but to see the whole fleet of a rowing club damaged or destroyed is heartbreaking.

The Remiera Casteo page is always a reliable source for important information and interesting content.
Thanks to Nereo Zane for pointing out this post,
which is certain to stir your emotion:

If you can't read Italian, I strongly suggest translating the comments, which come from around the rowing community.
As heartbreaking as it is to see visual evidence of the destruction,
and to read the words that translate to "we lost everything",
the comments that follow are heartwarming.

There is no way to downplay the tragedy of a club losing her fleet.
And yet, it stirs my heart to read comment after comment made by
leaders and memebers of the rowing community - offering boats,
funding, and helping hands to help resuscitate their wounded friend.

There are a thousand great quotes out there about how "it doesn't matter if you get hit, what matters is that you get back up again".
I'm sure that the Remiera Casteo has that can-do spirit.
I'm sure that they will row again, and with greater vigor than before.
But the willingness of others in the rowing community is what I can't stop thinking about today.

To those of you who commented:
If I know you, I'm proud to know you.
If I don't know you, I'd like to.

And to the Remiera Casteo:
Our hearts are with you. If we can help in any way - please let us know.

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