Friday, June 1, 2012


As I mentioned in an earlier post, Today is Tim Reinard's birthday,
and his wife Dawn will celebrate another year real soon too. 
We all, to one extent or another, like to celebrate milestones.
Sure, some of us begin to lose our enthusiasm about turning another digit on the "age gauge", but there are other things to celebrate as well;
today we had two of them:

1. Roberto at NOLA Gondola in New Orleans marked his 200th proposal on board the gondola this evening.
Congratulations to Roberto, AND to the happy couple who chose such a fine venue to make it official.

2. Thirteen years ago today, on this very day, The Gondola Company launched their first boat in Coronado.

I'm sure there are many other significant milestones that can be associated with today, but the ones listed above are good enough for me.

Congrats to all.

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