Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SUP the North Sea

Bart de Zwart is in the news again.This guy is an inspiration.

The stand-up-paddler who made news in June of last year by paddling unsupported along the Hawaiian Islands (see my post "SUP Expedition in the News"), is now splashing around in some colder waters.

This morning, Bart floated his 14-foot board in the water along the English coast and is now actively paddling towards his native home country of Holland.  This expedition will cover an estimated one hundred miles,
and is believed to be the first ever SUP crossing of this body of water.
Many people have "crossed the English Channel", in different modes;
the most popular references usually involve swimming, although Vittorio Orio made the crossing with a friend in a two-oared gondola.
It should be pointed out, however, that the route Bart has chosen is much longer and more challenging.

SUP Connect has a good article on the crossing here:
"Crossing the North Sea from England to Holland"

Updates on his progress, and a more personal view of things can be followed on Bart's blog.

Go Bart!

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