Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lion in London

This afternoon, while touring the Tower of London, I came upon a very familiar shape amongst the armor and ordinances that were so very British.

The shape was not English, it was unmistakably Venetian.

The description was just about what I'd expected:
Of course there was an absence of any mention of Venice. 
I guess the British were busy celebrating, having scored one against Napoleon - can't say I blame 'em.

Then I took a good look at the actual statue:

Mhmm, no book.

They captured Corfu, snagged the lion, but managed to come away without the book (either that or it was out for cleaning today).

This statue us not a small one.  I realize that the photo doesn't offer much to figure out the scale, but I can tell you that the lion looked to me like it was about the same size as a real lion.

He does seem to have an odd shaped mouth, but then I'm really no expert on Venetian Lions.

As I was walking out of the place,
I noticed over the door...another Lion!

I couldn't find any description on this one,
but there was no mistaking it - the piece was either from Venice,
or from somewhere that had been controlled by Venice.

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Bepi Venexiano said...

Try the London Wall walk which traces large sections of the original Roman wall. It starts in front of the Tower of London where there is a section of the wall. There should be tiles with information but I understand some are gone but there is lots of info on the web now. Established in 1984 I did the walk in 1987 while living a year in London. Guinness pint price in London 1987: 1.15!