Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GondOlympics - Slalom Winners

In the waterway that the La Gondola boats operate, there are several metal fixtures, called "braziers", used in the famous Water Fire display.
After years of navigating around them, the organizers had the idea of using these obstacles in a slalom course.
In the slalom event last week, the competitors raced against the clock using the same boat. Someone was sitting in the boat to watch for scrapes, as rowers would be penalized with added run time if such contact occurred.

The top three finishers in the above photo are:
Greg Coffey of La Gondola in red stripes: second place
Matthew Haynes of La Gondola in the center: first place
Tim Reinard of Sunset Gondola in white: third place

Big congrats, guys!

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staff said...

Bravo Tim, congrats for your performances. Nereo