Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vogalonga 2011 - They Salute as They Pass By

video by Kathleen Gonzalez

As a traditional rowing boat from the Veneto passes by judges, dignitaries, or anyone deemed “worthy” of a salute, the vogatori raise their oars.
This isn’t terribly difficult, but it does take some effort and coordination, especially after a long or demanding row, so when the crew of a boat does raise their remi – it’s an honor. 
As this 8-man gondolone entered the Canale di Cannaregio, and began the glorious trip through La Serenissima towards the finish line of the 37th Vogalonga, they heard the cheers from the fondamenta and someone on the boat probably said “in alzo I remi” and they gave the salute.

special thanks to Nereo Zane for assistance in boat identification


Bepi Venexiano said...

Dove il photographi di nostri amici de GSVVM in il Vogalonga?

staff said...

ciao Bepi, can you write in English? ahahahahah,

DG Beat said...

Let's see...

Where are the photos of our friends of the GSVVM in the Vogalonga?

Did i get it right?

staff said...

Hi Bepi & John ;-)
This year I couldn't follow the entire event. Have a look at Nereo