Saturday, June 4, 2011

Club Outing in the Veneto

photo by Chris Clarke
Here's an image Chris sent me with the description:
"A modest club expedition from Battaglia Terme to Monselice".

I swear, one day I'm moving to the Veneto so I can go on "modest expeditions" whenever they're available.


Anonymous said...

Not all pensioners have to go to Florida. Maybe the Veneto is the place for you. Life's not bad here.

Tamás said...

The drawbridge in the background is really interesting. How does that work? The boaters press a button and it goes up or do have to apply for a scheduled lifting in advance? Such bridges are usually put across wide rivers for large or tall ships to pass.

Chris said...

The bridge lift has to be arranged in advance - it probably only happens a handful of times each year. No chance of sneaking underneath either, the gap to the water is only about 30cm when it is closed.