Thursday, June 2, 2011

Da Ivo Window Sequence 3 - Another Gondola

photos by Isabella Mohr

Most of the boats that passed by the window of Ristorante Da Ivo didn't notice my nine-year-old daughter shooting photos until after she'd fired off a few, but this boat full of young ladies saw her right away.

They waved and smiled for the camera. 
They were obviously having a great time on board.

 I wonder if they realized their photos would end up on-line.

As the gondolier rowed by he must have said something to his passengers because they took their attention off the kid with the camera, and started looking at him.

Just another day at Da Ivo.
Just another beautiful gondola, plying the waters of La Serenissima,
making great memories for her passengers,
and a nice photography opportunity for my daughter.

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