Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"First Flight" in Boston

I received the above photo from my friend Joe Gibbons in Boston, with the following text:

Hi Greg
Hope you are doing well. Our season here in Boston got off to a rainy start but the sun is now shining and we are getting caught up. Sunday night we got 14 tours out. In the weeks ahead we should be selling out the weekends doing 16 to 18 tours a night.

My days of hustling 9 tours on each boat are over. I did 8 on Sunday and here almost 3 days later I am still feeling it.

I hear you Joe.
With the years come experience, wisdom, and...slower recovery.

We started training our newest gondolier {Chico} last season and he was finally ready a week ago. The photo attached is Chico, I can still feel the butterflies just looking at that photo. I think all gondola owners can appreciate the fear , anxiety and reservations, letting a new guy leave the dock for the first time.
Chico did well and I sure hope he gives me the relief I need on those busy nights.

Thanks for keeping the blog going.

Thanks for sending the photo, Joe.
I write this crazy blog for guys like you.
Please give my congrats to Chico, and tell him to "always think five moves ahead" when rowing.

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