Monday, October 4, 2010

Traghetto Photos by Tamás

photos by Tamás Fehér
 At the risk of accidently creating "traghetto week" here on the Gondola Blog, I'm posting a few more photos of the traghetto Santa Sofia taken by Tamás.
 The forward gondolier speaks to a line of passengers as they approach the boat.

This looks to be a lighter load than some I've seen, with more passengers sitting than usual.

Riding a traghetto is a uniquely Venetian experience.
I know some of you have also taken this ride, and I would love to read your comments on the experience.
Post a comment, be opinionated if you like, have fun.

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Tamás said...

Traghetto gondoliers usually place the fare coins on the railings of the boat. I wonder if it is some kind of an assurance to the passengers, that they will be careful with the ride?

If the crossing went bumpy, maybe the money would end up in the water, together with the "payload".