Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the Shop at Squero San Trovaso

photos by Garrett Budwine

While exploring Venice's most well-known gondola yard,
Garrett ducked into the workshop and took these photos.

The Venetian squero takes it's name from a sort of builder's square that's been used by shipwrights in the region for centuries. 
These places are best known for building gondolas, but the truth is that most squeri spend a lot more time servicing existing gondolas than they do building new ones.

Meet Garrett Budwine - who's provided the Gondola Blog with many great photos. This is a nice side-by-side view of a standard gondola (left) and a wedding gondola (right)

Squero San Trovaso has the distinction of not only being Venice's most well-known gondola yard, but also the most photographed.  In fact I've posted lots of my own photos of the place here. 
As a gondola fanatic and a photographer, a place like that is what we might call a "target-rich environment".

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