Saturday, October 9, 2010


 While there are hundreds of vendors in La Serenissima who'd love to sell you a lightweight tourist-grade "gondolier's hat", there are only a few places where you can get the real thing.

Bampa is one of them.

On the outside looking in.

Located in the maze-like labrynth of San Marco, not far from the piazza, Bampa sells uniform clothes and gondolier's hats.  I've bought a few italian-made black berets there, and even a panama hat or two (I like to mix it up now and then).  Bampa carries lots of the mainstream offerings found in other shops too.

A view inside, of the counter and some of the quality items available.

To find Bampa from Piazza San Marco, head under the arch beneath the clock tower, take the second right, and the shop is to your right.  If you think you're close, just ask a gondolier.
If he looks irritated, don't tell him I told you to ask.

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kartik said...

Brilliant post.
Can you describe some of the regulations of the gondolier's attire? And, is there any specific brand or any specific outlet from which the gondolier should get his attire?